Welcome to Tideland Farms 

Located in South Mississippi,  Tideland Farms is a ranching operation dedicated to produce productive Santa Gertrudis & Santa Gertrudis influenced cattle for our valued customer & the beef industry.

Established in 1998 with a small set of quality bred CREEL genetics Tideland now raises pure bred and Star Five replacement cattle from 125 mamas that have been home bred or selected for quality maternal replacement values from top performance Santa Gertrudis breeder across the country.  

Our CROSSBRED program consist of three breeds. Santa Gertrudis, Hereford, and Red Angus. Genetics and maternal qualities is the cornerstone of what we produce and offer to the commercial rancher. We offer 50/50 F1s, 75/25 bred replacement heifers, and percentage bred commercial bulls.

Our PURE BRED program is based on selecting and breeding a portion of our best year to year PB cattle with our herd sires along with a select few heritage A.I. bulls that have had a positive influence on the Santa Gertrudis Breed, performance focus is forefront plus the newly added benefit of evaluating mating through Growth and Carcass index’s provided by our breed association.

We feel that the make-up of our cattle are some of the best to be offered to provide a positive gain for your long term investments and pounds per head.

Please browse and enjoy our website and feel free to give us a call anytime or stop by the farm to see what we have to offer. Thanks for your time and consideration, God Bless.